06 September, 2005

Project Death Spiral: "It ate that one girl's brain!"

Muah-hah. The new temp that Sluggo brought on with a view to replacing me on the process documentation just sat down with me to go through the processes and the implementation plan I'd been struggling with.

It wasn't so much a learning curve for her as a concrete wall on the runway.

"But you can't do any of this stuff until you cover the basics first. And we're still waiting to do the basics!"

"Well, yes. That's what the rest of us have been trying to tell you since you started."

"But ... none of this makes sense. It's all the wrong way around! You can't do things this way!"

"Yes, we've been saying that, too."

"But ... stupid. It's all so stupid. And full of holes. Hasn't anyone noticed?"

"Well we've all noticed, and it's been pointed out."

"How can you make any progress, working like that?"

"We pointed that out, too."

"Urgh ... brain hurts ... can't think anymore ... why???"

"The project office wanted to go ahead anyway."

"Please ... no more ... brain aneurism ... aarrrrgghhhh"

- THUD -

Another one for the slow learner's class, it seems.

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