08 September, 2005

HR, Sluggo-style

Apparently Sluggo had a brainwave on Monday about how to deal with the upcoming staffing crunch on Project Death Spiral. As yet he doesn't know about yesterday's loss of another contractor, so who knows what plans he'll try hatching then?

The summarised version: Sluggo believes it's a viable option to take one of the Death Spiral veterans off the project and throw them into an operational role for which they have no training and no experience, in order to free up my minion for more project work on her return from her holidays.

And if this leaves us short on experienced staff, why, an inexperienced temp can then be brought in and trained up. It will only take a month or so to get them up to speed, and take up a large chunk of my minion's time.

Possibly he realises how obviously flawed his plan is, because he hasn't actually approached my and my minion's operational manager to see whether he's willing to let Sluggo randomly rearrange his staff to fit around Death Spiral's various brain farts.

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