13 September, 2005

Project Death Spiral: another one bites the dust

Arrive at work this morning after a day off sick, not really looking forward to my morning meeting with Sluggo, and discover on checking my calendar that he's cancelled the meeting (not unusual in itself - he's been doing that a lot lately, usually when PMv1 as said he wants to come along to see how things are going).

Then I check my e-mail and learn that not only has the meeting been cancelled, but he's quit, too.

Woo-hoo! This is the first time Sluggo has managed to make me feel motivated in a good way (as opposed to the "I've got to get out of this place" reaction he usually inspires).

Unsurprisingly, the e-mail in which he announces that he's leaving immediately (for a vastly higher-paying job with a global firm, naturally) was also an exercise in barely-restrained dummy-spitting at what he sees as his mistreatment here.

But the big question remains: did he fall, or was he pushed after last week's "site inspection" shenanigans?

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