30 September, 2005

Project Death Spiral: the beatings will continue until morale improves

Events seem to have conspired to keep my minion from jumping ship to Brother of Death Spiral (while still giving her a good chunk of BoDS workload) and, to mark the occasion, PMv1 seems to have decided that he'll drive her off anyway by not reading anything she sends him, not reading any project documentation that he hasn't written (because if it's not part of his project plan, then by definition its worthless - and if it repeats what he's already said, it's redundant. I'm surprised he's not running around burning down libraries, really), and then blaming her for not giving clear answers to questions he's incapable of asking because he won't read anything and refuses to come down to The Shed to look at any of the work that's being done (when challenged to do so, his response was "It's not my job to come down to The Shed.").

"Always two there are, no more, no less. A master and an apprentice." Funny, though - I didn't think Yoda was talking about Project Managers.

Clearly Science needs to identify the genes that predispose people to project management and delete them from the gene pool.

I think this came as a timely reminder as to why this is my last day here.


Madkittykat said...

My sister directed me to the Co-worker site (due to the fact I was working with one) and I stayed up very late reading all back issues and then checked back to keep my sanity. So am chuffed to bits I found Blunt Trauma and that the adventures continue.

Would love to know if you ever told the Co-Worker of the website, though if you had I think you would tell us.

kc said...

So did you get out in one piece? Do you have another source of potential cow-orkers lined up?

And do you have any idea why most of the comments that show up on the blog are spammish?

Argh said...


Made it out in one piece, more or less, but with no new hell-on-earth (or even anywhere nice) lined up yet.

I've no idea about the spam - maybe I attract it the same way I attract Cow-orkers.


I never told the Cow-orker about the website, because eventually I'd like to go back to work at that organisation and because she'll still be there someplace ("How could you ever want to leave?") and she'll be difficult enough to deal with as it is.

Of course I did give the URL to a few workmates when I left just so they could see in full what I'd been dealing with...

Rev. Dennis said...

You should have had one of them (the undisclosed former coworkers you shared with) continue to update it.