10 August, 2005

Writer's block

What's a good way of saying "it would go a lot faster if you stopped asking me to rewrite it in different formats, wasting our time moaning to us about your problems, and asking for updates twice a day" that isn't likely to end in "now f**k off!"?


Orq said...


Please forward me a copy of that when you receive it!

I need it to.

Anonymous said...

CORPORTATE SPEAK: "This process would be more efficient if I had a final specification with clearly defined milestones so that I can work in a heads-down mode and I notify you as each milestone is reached."

Translation:"Tell we what you really want the first time you ask, then don't call me, I'll call you."

CORPORATE SPEAK: "Do you want me do deprioritize my current action item to provide you with a status update?" - (cribbed loosely from Fight Club)

Translation: "What's more important? Getting this done or talking to you?"

In the US armed forces for example, you always have the option to request your orders in writing. This is not to say that you'll GET them, but the act of asking is a reality check.