11 August, 2005

Get me out of here

Some impending friction looming with PMv2. He's whingey because I'm not redrafting documentation fast enough for him. I'm cranky because he's not reading what's already there, and because I'm sick of being asked to do stuff that isn't what I signed on for. I schedule a meeting so we can get things sorted out.

He doesn't respond immediately. Curiously also he decides not to attend the project management meeting this afternoon, which is an unusual move for a project manager.

Then I discover why. I come back from the meeting to find a longer, more pompous e-mail (cc'ed to his boss and my operational supervisor, naturally) cataloguing his list of grievances with me and issuing a list of demands, deadlines, and an ultimatum.

Looks like he subscribes to the "beatings will continue until morale improves" school of people skills...

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