16 August, 2005

Project Death Spiral: in the brig

Project Office admin person came down and was horrified to discover we had The Shed door open.

"But these are supposed to be closed!" and she begins trying to lock us in (confirming my suspicion that The Shed is meant as some form of solitary confinement).

We hurry over to the door to stop her, and try to explain that we keep the door open for ventilation.

"But you have air-conditioners, can't you use them?"

More explanations. We're working in a corrugated iron structure, oriented north-south, with no overhanging shade (except for a couple of palm trees that drop leaf litter into the gutters of the flat roof and cause water to back up inside the ceiling when it rains). The Shed heats up very rapidly, and the air-conditioners (positioned right above people's desks, and we can't move the desks because then we violate The Plan) deafen everyone when they're running at full blast to compensate. On the other hand, simply leaving the door open gives us plenty of airflow, keeps the place cool, the air fresh, and costs no money.

Admin person looks dubious about our motives, but grudgingly concedes that "the door is supposed to remain closed" doesn't really stack up well as a counter-argument and slinks away.

She'll be back, though. Sooner or later they'll either burn us alive, freeze us to death (corrugated iron and no insulation cuts both ways - found that out last week), or bake us at our desks. And if they can't manage that, they'll deafen us.

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