18 August, 2005

Project Death Spiral: stealth recruitment

I half-suspect Sluggo has decided to replace me when it comes to dealing with the endless rewrites he wants done to project documentation, something I'm not opposed to in the slightest. However he's going about it in typically underhanded fashion and hoping no-one notices.

What he's done is to hire another contractor, ostensibly to deal with the grunt work. But he's selected one who's ridiclously over-qualified for the level of work she's being asked to do. Now he's started hinting that I should begin showing her some of the project documentation I'm working on, and maybe get her to do a little.

And then a little bit more.

And so on, until we finish with the new contractor being paid grunt wages to perform a higher-level job. Then Sluggo can triumphantly wave around completed documentation and claim to have saved money by utilising existing resources (rather than specifically advertising for someone with the skillset he was really after and paying them accordingly).

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