08 August, 2005

Project Death Spiral meets Monday

Severe pointy-hair attack this morning. Amongst all the organisation-generated spam in my Inbox, I find a message from PMv2 asking me to "provide a detailed table" showing 10 different categories across 12 different items. And it must be presented in a Project Office template, which happens to be portrait size (variation from the PO template will not be tolerated). So ... a 12x10 table no wider than the short edge of an A4 sheet. No problem - provided I use 4pt font. Except I don't think 4pt is approved for use in Project Office documents, so I might have a problem here.

That's only the ludicrous part.

The aggravating part is that this is the third incarnation of this information he's asked for - he's already been provided with everything that's available, but wants it summarised in yet another form. Because diversity is good. Should I pre-empt him and supply it as a pie-chart, too, I wonder? This latest request means that not only have I basically wasted my time drafting those earlier documents, I now have to put on hold half the work I'm doing now because he wants to see the Giant Table of Doom first before anything else goes ahead.

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