09 August, 2005

Cow-orker: by the pricking of my thumbs...

About 8:20 this morning the tic in my right eye came back. This is the tic that was setting in with increasing frequency when I was still working with the Cow-orker, and which would return within about five minutes of her coming down from Marketing for a visit.

"Hmm," I thought to myself, "she must be doing something really stupid right now."

At 9:20 my phone rings and it's her. She needs some advice about dealing with some of the things that I used to handle, because she's getting stressed out by them.

Half an hour lates I'm still trying to get off the phone. I've given her my advice, she's said "thanks" and "good-bye" at least three of four times and *she just won't go*. All those years of watching her torture people on the other end of the phone, and now it's my turn.


I'm typing a "Help me!" e-mail to my old manager when she finally, finally gets off the line.

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