26 August, 2005

Chinese Whispers

Another project sharing The Shed has wound up (lucky, lucky bastards) and their desks are now empty.

PMv1 to technician: "I want you to take all the computers off the desks and lock them in that office."

Tech: "What's the point of that, when new people are going to be sitting at these desks next week and I'll just have to set the PCs up all over again?"

PMv1: "Don't question your orders! This is how the Department Head wants things done, and this is how you'll do them?"

Department Head wanders into The Shed a couple of hours later, looks bewildered, and exits to find the technician.

"Why are all the computer's piled up on Marcus's desk?"

Tech: "PMv1 said that's what you wanted done."

Department Head: "Why would I want that done? It's stupid. Put them back."

PMv1 resumes control of Project Death Spiral in around two weeks.

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