22 August, 2005

A word on Evil Devito

Who is Evil Devito? Maybe this earlier encounter with him will help explain:

Another project manager (who resembles a Sicilian Danny Devito, but without the charm, charisma or humour) lectured me today for half an hour on why Project Death Spiral is irrelevant, making things worse for the City Council, and should be entirely subordinate to his own project (The Grand Project that will make everything right or, alternatively, simply makes everything that conflicts with it redundant).

He then went on to declare himself a Death Spiral stakeholder (more fool him, really), and it was with great pleasure that I gave him PMv2's phone number, with the words: "Here's the man to talk to."

By the time I get back to my desk from the harangue, Evil Devito has already been on the phone with PMv2 and scheduled an appointment. PMv2 is foaming at the mouth in anticipation.

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