11 May, 2009

Telling Tales

Ted E. drifts past The Invertebrate's desk and begins whispering conspiratorially.

"I just had a look at the wiki for the section, and Gollum has posted a large technical document there about how to look after a particular service."


"I didn't think anyone was supposed to be posting anything there yet. I thought it was still being developed and we weren't supposed to be putting any information there."

"Well we still haven't worked out what's going up on our part, but there's nothing stopping other teams from adding stuff."

"But Gollum doesn't even look after that anymore! What's he doing posting that kind of information."

"Maybe he was the custodian of that document. He used to work in that area, so he probably posted it so that the rest of his old group can have access to it and update it."

It doesn't affect us, it's nothing to do with our team, and there's nothing the Invertebrate could do about it in any case.  Gollum is using the wiki precisely for what it's meant to be used.

"But he put it up where people can read it!"  He's still whispering, in case Gollum walks by and overhears. "I didn't think anyone was supposed to be doing that!"

The Invertebrate shrugs. What else is there to say?

But Ted still isn't mollified. "I'm just saying, is all..." he mutters, retreating to his desk.

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