01 May, 2009

Human spam

A member of another team drops by to confer with the Stress Fiend about a training course they both went on, and how to access the systems they were trained in.

Visitor: "It's just that since we did the course, I haven't needed to get into our webpages to edit any of them and I've forgotten how we do it."

Stress Fiend: "After the course, you should have received an email with all your login details."

Ted E. has been eavesdropping madly, afraid of missing a chance to show off his vast knowledge of what's going on. He siezes on "email" and "webpages" and inserts himself into the conversation:

"Email? You got an email? There was an email about spam and websites this morning. Or maybe it email spam trying to get you to go to websites. Anyway, there was email."

The Stress Fiend ignores him, but you can feel the Contemptometer climb a couple of notches. The visitor just stares, wondering who this lunatic in a corporate uniform is and how he got inside the building.


Sean said...

It is amazing that Ted has a job anywhere.


Argh said...

I don't think he'd find one now. The gulf between what he's able and willing to do, and what he could be reasonably expected to do is just too great. I'm still mildly surprised he managed to get one here in the first place, but I think he snuck in when the job requirements were low enough that on paper he seemed like a good fit for basic, low-level data entry with no attempt to enforce data integrity or accuracy ("copy stuff from this piece of paper into this spreadsheet. Near enough is good enough").