20 May, 2009

Sometimes it's worth coming to work.

Ted E. Tantrum: he's having an argument with the Stress Fiend about an order he's trying to place and getting confused about, because the website is asking him questions he doesn't understand. The Stress Fiend tells him to leave it alone for the moment, as there's something she needs to check for him before he can proceed.

Ted E. decides the confusion is too  much to bear and proceeds to rip up the order.  "I don't understand any of this, and it's all just getting too complicated!" he declares.

The Invertebrate's eyes pop. The Stress Fiend looks ready to leap the desk and murder him.  I successfully suppress a fit of giggles.

Ted E. shambles out the office, oblivious to the reaction he's caused, complaining as he goes that he has a headache and thinks he'll need to go home soon.

1 comment:

gregor42 said...

My intention is to be neither sadistic nor morose, but...

...there IS a remote possibility that he has a brain tumor.

If I were you - I'd be sure to mention it to him. It would explain the .. ahem .. symptoms.

ah, er, um - you know - like the headaches he constantly complains about?

Just a thought...