18 May, 2009

Master of time and space. Not.

Caution: may contain traces of Ted E. logic.

A client submits a request for some items.  Ted E. reviews the request, takes a guess at which of our technical staff is most likely to carry out the work, and sticks a note on the request asking the tech to ask the client to contact us to confirm that this is the right stuff before we order it.

Except ... except the tech won't actually see the notes from Ted E. until after the items have been ordered, shipped, and are here to be set up for the client.  I know all this, because the tech just rang to check what the client originally ordered, which makes me suspect the answer is "the wrong thing".

And Ted E. knows this is how things work, so I'm not sure how he expected his useless note to achieve anything without resorting to either telepathy or time travel.

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