08 May, 2009

Ted E. in time lapse

Yesterday's team meeting: "This is wrong, I don't like it,and someone needs to fix it the way I think it should be fixed."

Five minutes later, after being asked to explain why it was wrong: "I don't understand this, and it's stupid, and I don't want to talk about it anymore.

This morning: "No-one answered my question about this."

The Invertebrate then tries to explain (again) to Ted E. the difference between FlexLM, local client installations, and using software via a remote terminals. It's hard to tell who's going to have the cerebral haemorrhage first from the strain.

(I keep well clear of it: I lost 45 minutes of my life and 95% of my reserves of patience yesterday explaining to Ted E. yet again why it's fine to write off something that expires after a year, but not something that we need to hang on to indefinitely).

* Ted always reverts to calling them dumb terminals, but technically that term can apply to any computer he's using, so the rest of us try to avoid creating ambiguity.

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