13 May, 2009

Looking for patterns in the madness

I know I shouldn't be looking for logic in this, but Ted E. has proposed a process where we need to reconcile two reports, and look at what items can be reassigned from inventory and what ones need to be ordered in afresh.  So the inventory report is run first, and then compared against a second report showing outstanding requests: of necessity, we want the data in both reports to be current so we can see exactly how much we really need to order.

Ted E. proposes that as soon as the reconciliation is done, we immediately run the inventory report again and use the results (now stripped of anything that can be reassigned and rendered optimally useless), use that as the basis for a reconciliation that could be as much as a month away.

I've tried re-reading his proposal several times and even reading it backwards (sometimes his emails make as much or more sense that way) I can't see how it's possible to interpret his email as suggesting anything else. Even by his standards this makes absolutely no sense.

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Sean said...

If your boss is apologizing for having to manage TedE, maybe now is the time for a nice and quiet chat about workplace problems and how to help solve them. Like most of the database, how it got the way it is, how to solve that, how to eliminate bad entries. No?

Anyway thanks for the tweets, it is a good way to keep current and stop this blog from going dead.