29 June, 2009

Talking in Manglish

The Invertebrate is talking to the Stress Fiend about converting some information over to web documents. I'm only half-listening, because the Stress Fiend and I are pretty much in agreement on what we need to do with the information, but then The Invertebrate says something that catches my attention and makes me snort with badly-suppressed laughter.

"What? Did I say something?"

Nod.  The Invertebrate plays back the last parts of the conversation.

"It was html-erise, wasn't it?"

* snort *


klc said...

Well I've been known to say "webify" myself. Seems like a good word. Html-erize would work too. :)

Argh said...

I've heard "webify" thrown around a bit. The Invertebrate just has a flair for flailing about for the right word and then making up something tortuous and hoping no-one notices. There's been a few, but this one caught me off-guard.