10 June, 2009

No "Time Out" corner when you need one.

Ted E. is sulking. He came over to check whether something I'd done had been cleared by The Invertebrate first (where "check" = "I don't like how you've done this, don't understand it, and I'm sure you've got it wrong").

Yes, he's seen it.

Yes, we talked about it.

Yes, he's fine with it.

No, don't mess with it.

No, really. Don't touch it. At all.

No, I don't care if you don't understand it. It's not part of your job and never will be, so leave it alone.

Yes, this is the same way we did it last year that you didn't like.

No, seriously. I'm not kidding. Don't screw around with this. When you did it last time without telling anyone what you were up to, you sent the money into all the wrong accounts and it  took months to find and fix it.

Yes, I do know about that. Was I not supposed to?

No, I don't care that I've hurt your feelings.

Yes, you may return to your desk and sulk now.

(Apparently I have no patience today.  Possibly this has something to do with having just gone through a sample of his work over the last week to identify all the bits of his job that he either isn't doing correctly, or simply isn't interested in doing at all).

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