22 June, 2009

The Fear

Working party statements you should be grateful aren't aimed at your team: maximising synergies to provide improved service delivery.


Lusus said...

I assume a "working party statement" is equivalent to our Yank idea of a "mission statement" carefully and lovingly hand crafted for your individual group or department, in which case dear god I am SORRY you've ended up with THAT. What's that work out to, anyway? "We do stuff" or something? At my old ISP we (the workers) came up with a great mission statement: "You want Internet. We have it. Give us money and you can have it too." Seemed pretty straightforward but management went with something that sounded suspiciously like yours and meant absolutely NOTHING.

Argh said...

We have mission statements inflicted on us, too. This working party statement is a pre-amble to the merging of two separate teams, which will no doubt result in a mission statement (and perhaps even a vision statement) further down the line. God help them all.