13 June, 2008

Getting in touch with his inner schoolteacher

Ted E. has left a printout, covered in the trademarked half-essay in red ink that he uses when he feels a pressing need to claim the moral high ground and establishes his credentials as The Only One Who Takes His Job Seriously*.

And it's not his automatic assumption that someone else must have made a mistake because he doesn't understand it which makes me want to beat him about the head.

It's not even the fact that he could have found the correct answer to fairly easily himself, or even that the Stress Fiend told him the answer but he wouldn't believe it. (Although, thinking about it, that does seem like a compelling reason for violence.)

No, it's the childish way he feels the urge to triple underline points he's particularly emphatic and equally mistaken about, and draw giant exclamation marks to highlight what he sees as the folly and incompetence of his workmates.

Sadly, as team leader, I'm not even able to respond to him in kind because (as will be familiar to any oldest child reading this) "I'm older - or, technically, more senior - and should know better."

* Which, from a certain perspective, is indeed the case.

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