04 June, 2008

A question I will not answer

A missive from upper management, kicking off a review of staffing and workspace requirements by asking team leaders* to identify the needs in their area. The attrition rate of staff in my area verges on the apocalyptic**, so we actually have more than enough available space for the tiny handful of us who remain. An embarrassing amount of space, in fact.

But I can't report this, because I know what the solution will be: rather than fill the vacancies (because clearly a team leader and a service manager aren't considered critical roles) the discrepancy in my area's staff/empty desk ratio will be resolved by removing our empty desks and giving the real estate to another section.

Some might say this is just cynicism speaking, but cynicism can be such an ugly word. I prefer to think of it as experience.

* Yes, I'm still in the unhappy role of team leader, overseeing the efforts of Ted E. and the Stress Fiend. Someday, upper management say, they may even pay me for this.

** And yet Ted E. remains, prompting fears that a post-Armageddon world will be inhabited solely by him and the cockroaches.

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