11 June, 2008

Slappable clients

The Stress Fiend is flummoxed. She dearly wants to savage a client, but finds herself at a loss for words (as well as getting prodded by some vague sense of self-preservation). The client's crime? Protesting that he can't possibly return some loaned equipment by yesterday:
"Hi! I just collected the [equipment] now. There is no way I can get it back to [you] by yesterday, 17 June!! I'll organise its return by courier to you tomorrow. Hopefully, you might get it back by Friday!? More likely, Monday!"
Next Monday, of course, being the 16th of June, which purists will recognise as the day traditionally held before the 17th, rather than nearly a week after. It's a small mistake, but it's one you'd expect someone to catch before firing off an indignant email.

(Meanwhile, the Stress Fiend rants for a good five minutes about how "It's ****ing idiot clients like these that waste my time and keep me from getting anything done!", successfully and entirely unknowingly fusing irony and factual accuracy.)

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