01 July, 2008

Unfiltered reality

I've lost my desensitisation to the Stress Fiend's work habits. Long exposure to the Cow-orker had largely inoculated me against the worst of the Stress Fiend's antics, but a new team member is finding them difficult to deal with and I've been forced to view the Stress Fiend without any sanity filters in place.

The horror.

The horror.


klc said...

Very glad to see the stories flowing again. While I always kinda hope you stop because you find a better work life, that never seems to happen...and I miss the trauma, so keep 'em coming please. :)

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you are still alive. Shame some of your "Team" still is... We were hopeing that Selective Darwinism would have taken place. Hang in there... or just hang em all?