26 October, 2005

Random Acts of Cruelty

The Crazy Man has been giving his staff their annual performance reviews (or at least has been reviewing those staff he can't palm off on somebody else). Then it comes time to review an individual that has occasionally filled the role of Backup Cow-orker. The BCO is a very earnest, easily-stressed individual who always seems to be operating several feet out of his depth.

Crazy Man: "Your communication skills need some work. You have a problem with oral communication."

BCO : "What kind of a problem?"

Crazy Man: "I'm not going to tell you, because then you might guess who told me you had a problem."

BCO: "So what can I do?"

Crazy Man: "I think you should talk to people and ask them what your problem is."

And that's the Crazy Man's serious and considered opinion. The BCO is now wandering the corridors of the building looking lost, bewildered, and afraid to talk to people because he's been told he has an unspecified oral communication problem.


batsgirl said...

I think the scorched plant would do a better job of management.

Anonymous said...

So... put another way...

TCM: "Someone's been talking skite about you."
BCO: "What'd they say"
TCM: "If I told you then you'd know who it was."
BCO: "So what am I supposed to do about it?"
TCM: "Go pester everyone & see if anyone else has the stones to say it to your face."

Trauma Queen said...

nice blog....
nice to now the various knids of trauma that exist!

Rev. Dennis said...

I had a similar expereince with a supervisor at a previous job. Not wanting to walk around intergating possible informants, and not knowing what else to do, I took a couple classes on communication. I felt that at the very least I could improve myself.

Later that effort was seen as "admiting" I had a serious defect.