14 October, 2005

Back to the house of pain

The phone rings. It's my manager from my old, pre-Death Spiral job. The Cow-orker is going on annual leave for a couple of weeks. How do I feel about filling in while she's gone?

(Presumably not
as a cow-orker, but I'm willing to get liquored-up at the start of the day and lurch mindlessly and incoherently through the day if that's what they want.)

I take a couple of minutes to think it over. I'll get paid casual rates, the Cow-orker won't be there (but I'll bet she either makes a special visit, or rings every second day to see what's happening), and I'll only have to deal with the Crazy Man and the Secondary Cow-orker ... how bad can it be?

We shall see. I start on Monday.


Anonymous said...


Bit of a masochist, aren't you?

I thoroughly enjoyed your cow-orker "diary", and just recently found "Blunt Trauma".

I work (technical) in an organisation stuffed to the gills with Project Managers - I have no idea what most of them do (nor do they, I'm guessing) but a recent email from our HeadoD cracked me up. Here's an excerpt:

"..the technical team is under intense pressure..... delivering both support and infrastructure upgrades ... low staff levels....
In order to maximise productivity, we need to:
1) enhance the management capacity...."

...can you see where this is going...?

Yep, and here's who they're hiring to fix the lack of technical staff:

"8 x Project Managers
2 x Technical Project Managers
4 x Other Project Managers
4 x Project specialists


Michael said...

She will telephone you regularly to ask you in excruciating detail about what you did to systems you didn't even touch while she was away.

Then she will make it your fault she's so disorganised.

Madkittykat said...

I cannot decide if your completely insane or intending to have a bit of fun, for her to find when she comes back.

Marc D. said...

Bwahahahaha!!! "How bad can it be"? I don't know whether to look forward to the updates, or cringe at the thought.

what michael said. ooh, what madkittykat said too!

Anonymous said...

oh man, you should have re-read your old site first, it would have reminded you why not to go back

brave man

ThePoliteOne said...

Jeez, dude, do you think you'll be able to refrain from sabotaging everything - no, wait, she does that herself doesn't she...

You're a brave lad - just let us all know how you get on!

Argh said...

Yep, I'm pretty much expecting phone calls, along with at least one personal visit over the next couple of weeks.

I've actually been reading through the old site. There's stuff in there I'd actually managed to forget about it, but at least my current visit is only for two weeks (not eight years!) and she's not going to be there for most of it. So I'll only be dealing with Cow-orker residue rather than the pure stuff.

And no project managers at all.

batsgirl said...


Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

I've been reading through - last time I caught up with you was back in the original white gold cow orker days - and to go through the pain of Project Death Spiral and then read that you're going, as you put it, "back to the house of pain" nearly made me fall out of my chair giggling. You poor, insane bugger.