17 October, 2005

Cow-orker: In the absence of light...

... the Cow-orker, rather than darkness, prevails. Or so it seems.

The dreaded Forms directory (Enter the Cow-orker, 21/7/2004), where all useful information goes to languish in obscurity when the Cow-orker has anything to do with it, has bloated in my absence. The Cow-orker's request to purchase a gel-filled wrist-rest for her keyboard sits alongside quotes and business cases worth tens of thousands of dollars, because it's easier to dump everything into one location than sort and file it where it belongs and might be of use.

She also still seems to be struggling with the idea of turning on junk-mail filters. Her Inbox just from the last few days is filled with spam, a goodly proportion of it addressed to The Spouse. Maybe she's saving it for him to read, or she's worried that she'll miss out on that one magic e-mail that turns out not to be a con?

And someone appears to have been filing work-emails in the Junk Mail folder rather than simply deleting them outright if they're not needed, or putting them someplace sensible. I don't even think that some of these have been acted on. I don't know whether the Primary or Secondary Cow-orker is the likeliest suspect in this instance, though.

Coincidentally (not!) one of the filing cabinets appears to have suffered a hernia from being crammed full of paper.

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