28 June, 2005

Project Death Spiral: Attack of The Hutches

Yesterday morning the rest of the desks arrived for The Shed. We're not entirely sure why we need so many desks in here - current thought is divided between the Infinite Monkeys Theory, and the Project Office simply making sure they spend all their money before the end of the financial year. I suspect the latter, if only because the Infinite Monkeys scenario is too elegant a solution.

The original layout would have given a Workplace Health & Safety person a fit, with a little less than two feet of clearance in which to move between desks. Then again there's a lot of things about the The Shed that would do that. Like the fact that it's a deathtrap in the event of a fire, for instance.

We thought that was the end of it when we all went home yesterday. This morning we came in and discovered the Hutch Fairy had paid a visit overnight, arbitrarily gifting six lucky people with hutches to go on the desks. One of the desks has no-one sitting at it, another is only used intermittently, and the remaining four were given to a random selection of staff members. Other desks were ignored entirely. I have no hutch, for instance, although I've received several offers of one throughout the day.

The place looks even more like a mini-labyrinth than before, with the PMv2 now hidden from the world behind his hutch, and the remainder of The Shed's occupants now invisible from the doorway. PMv1 has been getting progressively more claustrophobic as the day's worn on (partly because he's protesting about the hutches by piling junk on top of his), but we've been ordered to leave the hutches alone and not try to move them elsewhere. The Project Office paid for these hutches, and we're damn well going to appreciate them.

Besides, we're told, the hutches are part of The Plan, and The Plan cannot be changed.

I fear the Project Office's plan.


Anonymous said...

what exactly is a hutch? and the next "no animals were harmed" link is bad.

Please help those who only know 'merican.

Argh said...

A hutch is the set of shelves or small cupboards you occasionally find mounted on a desk. Sometimes the hutch is built as part of the desk, other times (like this) it's a separate unit that sits unsecured on the desk and falls off if you inadvertently nudge the hutch too hard.