22 June, 2005

The lesser of two weevils

I've been asked what's worse: the Cow-orker, or Project Death Spiral.

And I think I have to answer: Project Death Spiral.

I know, I know, it sounds difficult to believe. But the only saving grace I can see for the project is that it's short-term (although not as short-term as it was apparently predicted to be). But while the Cow-orker seemed to have the capacity to go on forever, she wasn't as actively malicious, vindictive or unethical in the way that the project culture here seems to be.

t's possible that pain has dulled the pain somewhat - it has been several months since I had to work with her full-time in close proximity. But most of the time she really was just in a state of berserker stupidity and had no real sense of what she was doing to the people around her.

Kind of like having Godzilla in the next cubicle.

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