06 June, 2005

No going back now.

Just had an e-mail from the original Cow-orker. Rather than summarise, here it is:

You're not going to believe what has happened here. I went to see [current section head] on Friday morning about some details for the wireless launch that's haooeneing tomorrow ... and she had [the Crazy Man] in her office. Turns out the reason [the Crazy Man] took so long to advertise your position is that apparently despite [previous section head's] promises to me my current job has been classified at a 4 [a lower pay level].

Although it's a safe guess this is simply the lifeline the Crazy Man has latched onto to justify not having done anything about replacing me in the last six weeks. Especially as he's been heard saying that he didn't want the Cow-orker back under him.

They think they might be able to push it to a 5 [not quote as low a level, but still lower than what she's getting now] and [the Crazy Man] wanted to give me the option of going back.

Mr Path-of-Least-Resistance strikes again.

They both dropped this on me at about 11.30am on Friday, Seemed to me that I didn't really have much of a choice. I mean I'm a 6 (which I keep if I go back) or I can choose to apply for the new job (ie. I might not get it) and take the possible 5.

The Marketing Shrew doesn't like working with the Cow-orker, largely because the Cow-orker keeps wanting to do things and has ideas. Ideas upset the Marketing Shrew's way of doing things which, historically, has been to smile nicely, wear low-cut dresses and take the credit for everything.

It was a no brainer from my point of view.

Yes, well, it wouldn't be the first time that phrase has been used in conjunction with the Cow-orker's decision-making abilities...

So, I'm now officially back in [my old unit]. I'm thinking I'm kinda lucky you got that job now.

I wonder if my former workmates will share her point of view. One of their great fears when I left was that she'd return...

Funny how life works isn't it.

Hysterical. I wish I could see everyone's faces when they learn she's coming back down from Marketing.

The potential for chaos in my old workplace is enormous. Since the reogranisation that put us under the Crazy Man, there's no direct manager over the unit (and won't be until the Crazy Man writes a position description that's actually likely to get approved - it's been a work-in-progress for about two years or more), so she's essentially coming back to a role where she's going to be self-directing.

My bridges with my old job haven't been burned so much as subjected to orbital bombardment.

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