04 October, 2010

Welcome to Monday

I know I tend to complain a lot about - and I'll be blunt here - all the shit I have to deal with at work. I just didn't expect that today I'd be complaining about it quite so literally thanks to a veritable mountain of fertiliser dumped conveniently near the air intakes on my side of the building.  For good measure, the pile (which easily measured 5' at its highest point) was also situated right beside the exit from the fire stairs ... that open out near my area.

As metaphors go, it wasn't exactly subtle.


Anonymous said...

We like to hear about the shit you complain about, and hope that it vents your frustrations in a therapeutic way,

If Steven King did not write those books there might have been more murders in Maine, USA.

Argh said...

Of course it's also possible King's real achievement was providing people with a manual on how to avoid discovery in the first place...