20 October, 2010

"I read all the emails to see what's happening. Except when I don't."

"Someone needs to tell me what to do with this."

"It was in the email the Invertebrate sent to us all last week."

"I didn't see one. He mustn't have sent it to me."

"It's in the shared inbox. In fact..." and I check quickly, "... it's still there now."

"Oh. I suppose I'd better print it off and read it, then."

Which he does. And then promptly attempts to blame the Stress Fiend, anyway, for not including it on the ever-growing list of things he needs to have written down for him even though (technically) their positions are an equivalent level and even though she wasn't actually here when The Invertebrate sent the email.

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Anonymous said...

So your side tweets are only minutes old, while I am going to nap before a midnite to 8am guard shift. A globe is a strange place to be. I wish I could get the ones that were a few hours before what I see.