20 October, 2010

Cthulhu calling

The Stress Fiend is back from leave, and Ted's working week has just begun. The two of them have finished their brief show of unity in complaining about the quality of La Mondaine's work, and are settling back into the routine of  cryptic commentary and mini-rants about clients punctuated with snappish comments about random things.

("Butterflies! F***ing hate them! Graarrggh! And don't get me started on the colour of the sky!")

Ted resumes normal service first, asking "Have you seen the email from Julmwargwrmlmn?" in an absolutely breathtaking display of how to take a simple first name and render it completely unintelligible.

The Stress Fiend twitches like she's been electrocuted: "What? Where was that?", presumably wondering why we're being emailed by what sounds like one of Cthulhu's brethren. She begins scanning the shared inbox in a mild panic.

"Who was it from?"

Ted tries to help (?) by providing the surname, which he also proceeds to maul: "Sverrrrnnn..."

The Stress Fiend apparently has her Ted-to-English translation device running (or else just makes a desperately inspired guess) and manages to identify who he's talking about.

But the mystery of his linguicidal effort remains: was it deliberate? Is he on drugs (and could we even tell?) Is he having a stroke? Maybe he's been bitten by a zombie (and, again, how would we tell?).

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Andy Boal said...

Surely working week is a double contradiction - or do you mean the stage in the week when Ted comes in and makes work for everyone else?