11 October, 2010

Not a feature wall, so much as a feature *room*

Things are moving forward slowly, with Chez Ted now on the market and Ted himself making optimistic noises about being out of here in only a few weeks. Personally I have trouble making the conceptual leap required to imagine someone paying over half a million dollars for a house full of Ted cooties*, something that strikes me as only slightly less imperiling of one's sanity and immortal soul than buying a house built on an Indian burial ground.

And who knows? Maybe there's a buyer out there who shares Ted's exciting approach to interior design. He was repainting parts of the house and decided he needed some more paint from the hardware store. Instead of doing what a normal person would do and take a sample along for colour-matching, he just bought a new tin of paint in the same colour and set to.

Except that he got a little confused on the way to the hardware store. He knew the colour was named after a fruit, though, and strawberry and peach are kind of the same colour. Right?

The resulting pink room is strangely absent from the photos of his house on the real estate website.

* No, I don't really believe they exist ... but would you want to take the chance? I didn't think so.


Andy Boal said...

Think of the service the buyer will be doing to the neighbourhood!

Argh said...

Never mind the neighbourhood, think of the service they'll be doing me! It almost makes the thought of someone giving Ted a half-million dollars palatable.