08 October, 2009

Who edits the editor?

Damn The Invertebrate for telling Ted E. it was possible to edit html files in Word.

I know he only did it to stop Ted hyper-ventilating the first time he opened an html editor, but going in afterward to clean up the resulting mess is time-consuming and tiresome given that Ted's editorial skills are at a level where if there was a way for him to glue coloured string and macaroni to an electronic document, he'd be doing it.


gregor42 said...

HTML editing with WORD!?!

"Nooooooooo!" he cried descending into stylesheet Hell...

Argh said...

And he can barely use Word, at that. It doesn't actually make the coding problems any worse, but it does make them infinitely more painful to look at while trying to strip them out afterward.