20 October, 2009

I weep, for the day is still young

Oh, for...  Everything below happened within the first 45 minutes of me arriving at the office.


Ted's just discovered something that's been a basic part of one our primary systems for the last two and a half years. So it's a long way from being a new or even recent feature, and it's been a prominent part of our client-side website since the outset ... yet somehow he's managed to never see it before. He's now warbling on about how nice it looks, and how wonderful it is we're able to do such great things.

"Great things" in this case simply being the provision and correct formatting of information on our website. What he only dimly grasps is that this only happens when I become aware that someone's posted semi-unintelligble rubbish on our site and go in to clean it up. I suppose I should be pleased at the unintended compliment, but I'd rather he and the Stress Fiend just did it properly in the first place.


Only minutes after that, he announces he's decided unilaterally to give out client details to people too cheap to actually pay for their own stuff. That way the tightwads can ring our clients directly and try to harass them into giving up their software. This fits comfortably within his definition of excellent client service, and saving the organisation money.

Oh, god. The Invertebrate thinks that letting random people harass our clients rather than manageing the task ourselves (which, you know, is part of what we're supposed to be doing here) is a good idea.


"Did you book me in for a training course?"

It turns out that he's just received a request for feedback for a training course he was apparently supposed to attend last week.  Investigation turns out that Ted had, in fact, registered himself for it.

"But how was I supposed to know when it was on?"

More investigation reveals that the course is recorded in his calendar. Where he entered it. After receiving the invitation from the people running the half-day course.

"Oh, I never look at my calendar. They should have reminded me."

Presumably because he hasn't actually worked out how to set a reminder in the calendar he doesn't use.

The Invertebrate tells him to register for the next course.

"But I don't really want to do it."

"But I want you to do it."  (This is close as The Invertebrate gets to ever reminding Ted who's actually - nominally - in charge here.)

The course? Customer Service Skills.

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