04 February, 2007

So, yeah... I'm back.

The World of Warcraft ate my life. Sorry. Now back to the other things that eat my life, but are far less fun and can't be resolved by hitting them with a broadsword (except on a very temporary basis).


Anonymous said...

It is eating my life too.
How far did you go into that game?


Anonymous said...

I'm ecstatic to see you back.

(And yes, this is fundamentally because your pain is funny. Sorry)

Argh said...


My main character reached level 60 over Christmas (after about six months of play), but there's a small army of low-mid level characters that grew when I wasn't in the mood for long, difficult quests.


If I didn't think my pain was funny, too, I wouldn't write about it. I'd get drunk instead. It's crossed my mind once or twice to get drunk and then write about it, but I think quality control might start to slip then.

And on an unrelated note, I'm irrationally annoyed that my own blog demands that I use word verification before posting, too.