01 May, 2006

Marketing strike again

"But this is terrible! All the prices we just mailed out to 7,000 new clients are wrong!"

"Why didn't you check the prices first?"

"Because this is what they were last year when we were buying them through a different supplier!"

The marketing manager then begins to panic and spin an elaborate story about how, in the past, the other supplier gave us a special price on these items at the start of each year, and maybe if the new supplier gives us the same special price that will help her cover up that she messed up majorly this time. Two problems with that, though: we didn't carry this stuff at all before last year, and the old supplier didn't do anything of the sort.

The marketing manager gibbers some more and tries to claim it's not her fault that she didn't check any of the information before she sent it out to people.

I think this may even be the first time I've actually seen someone think their way into a state of self-delusion aloud and in front of others... Even the Cow-orker tends to get by with making huge and painful leaps of Cow-orker logic inside her head.

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Madkittykat said...

Perhaps when the Co-worker worked in marketing she rubbed off a bit