25 April, 2006

The spirit of cooperation

I've made a partial escape from the Co-worker and am now splitting my time between my old department and working in a similar role at another department across town.

My bosses from the new department to a mailing list:
"Bootcamp poses licensing problems for all of us. Has anyone had constructive advice from Microsoft or resellers about how to approach this?"
My boss from my original department (the Crazy Man), replying to the mailing list:
"As you're probably aware JZ now works here. [Everyone: "Who?"] From his email & practical loading of 2 betas, he now possesses an iMac which can boot into 3 operating systems. VMWare costs much more than the software J's using, even after buying copies of Windows XP, so why would you bother with VMWare just get a Mac, load parallels & Bootcamp & away you go with whatever OS takes your fancy or more than one if you want. Why would you waste money on buying a PC :)"
New department bosses (scratching their heads), to me:


Anonymous said...

I think the Crazy Man, for some bizarre reason, thought the original note was about licensing VMWare. Having totally missed the point that it was about people using unlicensed copies of Windows on their Bootcamp Macs, his reply is naturally a non-sequitur.

Argh said...

The Crazy Man has a habit of latching onto a single tidbit of knowledge for grim death, which he'll share relentlessly at the first opportunity, whether it adds anything to the discussion or not.

This has led to many interesting tangents about corporate air-conditiong policies, and Vancouver's public transport infrastructure.