19 April, 2006

Cow-orker: the enemy of my enemy is also my enemy ... or something

My ex-manager was trying to get an answer (or even a grunt of acknowledgement) from a couple of workmates who are angling for a severance package. After an increasingly exasperating conversation, she gets a response ("Yes we've seen it, no we haven't responded to it") and exits in frustration.

The disgruntled aspiring retirees (both with a long history of shouting at people until they get what they want) begin complaining loudly about having been harassed, humiliated and bullied. The Cow-orker steps in to set the story straight and put them in their place.

Later that day the Cow-orker visits our ex-manager to let her know how things went. "And then I stood up for you and told them that you weren't bullying them, you were being condescending and patronising. Why are you looking at me like that?"

The Cow-orker then runs away to the Crazy Man to complain about our ex-manager's ingratitude. And now she's complaining to me about how our ex-manager is behaving unreasonably by being upset just because she went and threw petrol onto the bonfire of disgruntlement.


Anonymous said...

i know you hate this type of thing... (links in your comments)

but i gotta say i think your blogging is pretty funny, i think you should try talkin to Festering Ass...

they keep a bunch of blogs 2gether & they may like your style...

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Argh said...

Links are fine as long as it's something interesting. I'll have a closer look at it and give it some thought.