11 June, 2012

Signs of life.

The last few weeks have been a bit of a rollercoaster (lots of strangers screaming, no brakes or steering, an inherent risk of catastrophic failure and sudden death, and the near-certainty that somebody's going to puke on someone else), hence the lack of any updates.

The new job has what I'd consider more than its fair share of problems (although I'm hoping at some point they'll evolve into something amusing), and there have been ongoing medical problems to deal with at home at the same time. Fortunately I have my sunny disposition and positive outlook on life to see me through.

I'm not dead, and haven't stealthily relocated the site elsewhere. But it might be just a little while yet before I start posting semi-regularly again. Or even close to what used to constitute "regularly".

Also, I've been drinking. Arrrrrrr...


Anonymous said...

Drinking can make more interesting times. Do you want to live that part of that Chinese curse?
May you come to the attention of those in authority?
May your wishes be granted?

Andrea said...

Glad you updated us. I've been wondering how the new job was going. Hang in there, and I hope sunnier days are ahead!

Anonymous said...

Huzzah! It must be that I'm only one of many to hear that you're still around. If only with relatively boring news for the moment. :)

Here's also hoping that the next phase in your life leads to blog entries just as amusing to us while being less stressful to you. Can we really have the best of both worlds???

klc said...

Drinking appears to make you type like a pirate. Arrrgh. :)

Good to hear from you again. This does tell you that you have at least 4 loyal followers who have checked in regularly since April to catch your next post (apparently I haven't in the last two days though). Hope things improve enough to see you posting again soon, with just enough chaos to give you something to amuse us with. This post is a fun reminder of what we are missing.

Steve said...

I have been following your blogs on and off for the last few years. You have helped me appreciate that my workplace, although occasionally insane, could be a lot worse.

I was sad to see that the 'Enter the Cow-orker' site has gone. Is the site archived anywhere or have you finally published it in book form *grin*?

Good luck with the new job!