07 November, 2011

Boldly plumbing new depths

La Mondaine has no sense of tact or what's socially appropriate. This is not news and, in fact, we can take this as the kind of universal constant that the Einsteins and Hawkings of the world can only dream of discovering.

However there are still moments when she somehow manages to go above and beyond the call, as she apparently felt obliged to demonstrate yet again recently:

"Hey! Remember that time your wife found the body of someone who'd just committed suicide? Wasn't it so horrible? Let's revisit it in excruciating detail while we're queuing in a crowded cafeteria and pore over how upsetting it was for everyone!"


Andrea said...

Has anyone just told her how disgusting and tacky she is? I don't think I could hold my tongue after that fiasco in the cafeteria!

Argh said...
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Argh said...

I don't think anyone really knows quite how to deal with her:

Older staff who've worked with her before just dismiss this kind of obnoxious, intrusive behaviour as "Oh, that's just La Mondaine - she's always been like that. She's such a hoot!"

Newer staff think she clearly has to have some kind of protection to be humoured as much as she is, and don't know how far they can go in responding to her, so they try to escape as swiftly as possible.

And then there are those who know she's just a gibbering, poorly-socialised idiot, but suspect she'll explode messily and generate even *more* drama and angst for everyone in the vicinity if she gets called on it.