20 October, 2011

It's one of those "need to know" things..

Because we've been officially understaffed since the start of this year, and unofficially understaffed since the start of last year, things get missed or held up. It's unavoidable, and it's been such a long, long struggle to fill the empty position that I've stopped letting it worry me when aspects of the team's role I'm not responsible for start to fall apart (which is why this pretty much sums up my attitude to the escalation notices from the service desk.

Senior management have received a complaint from a client about a request they submitted and which no-one's responded to yet, and a Sternly Worded Email (also overly-long, weirdly formal and excessively pompous) has descended to our level.

The Invertebrate consults with the Stress Fiend.

"The client says they've tried to ring several times but no-one's answered and no-one's called him back," he reads from the email.

"They always say that. You know what clients are like." She gestures towards the phone. The LED that indicates voice mail is dark. "See? No messages."

I note, though, that she carefully omits the bit about how she keeps turning the voice mail off so that clients can't leave messages...

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gregor42 said...

A variation on this theme is the strategic practice of never setting up your voice mail account in the first place...