14 November, 2011

Just another day...

Another week gets underway.

The Stress Fiend appears to have arrived pre-enraged. She looks at a job for us in the service desk queue and immediately begins ranting at the client:

"Oh. Oh! You only want the standard headset with that order, do you? Well, guess what, you stupid bitch - that's exactly what you're going to get!"

Because nothing puts a client in their place like shouting abuse at a written message and then giving them exactly what they want. Having dealt with that, she moves on to the next one, and proceeds to angrily denounce someone for not placing a request through us that they was never meant to go through our unit in the first place. I mention this to her.


But I'm afraid - justifiably, I think - to ask what the point actually is, and let it go.

La Mondaine, meanwhile, is honing her comedic skills by pronouncing "PC" as "pissy" and then repeating it anxiously, hoping someone will notice and tell her how funny she is.

(If they don't find it funny, then they obviously have Asperger's syndrome. La Mondaine has conveniently divided the world into two kinds of people: normal people like her, and those with Asperger's. Turns out the latter make up a far larger percentage of the population than the so-called experts would have you believe. Who knew?)

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