23 May, 2011

It's not the end of the world.

We missed out on the Rapture, but we're now experiencing the next best thing: our new service desk tool went live today, and some of the decisions behind it have been ... inspired.

The standout decision, however, would have to be the one where it was decreed that everyone needed to receive an email notification each time a new request or incident was logged anywhere else across our division. We're not quite sure who to credit that one to. Rumour suggests either Gimli or Gollum, and while the latter seems the likeliest culprit, it also bears some of Gimli's hallmarks. In any case, we're anticipating a reversal of that decision in the very near future, but whether it comes before peoples' email quotas explode is debatable.

It's all very exciting, though.

(Oh, that's interesting - it turns out I'm receiving duplicates of some notifications because some fool has included me in the management structure.)

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