09 February, 2011

Gone, but not forgotten.

Today is officially Ted's last day of work. He hasn't actually been here for two months, nor has he actually done any real work here for oh, about two years or so. But now he's officially gone.

Sadly, this does not mean the demons of stupidity have been exorcised, and his former workmates have been conscientious in their efforts to ensure his niche doesn't go unfilled, as a small collection of random snippets from a typical day will demonstrate:


"... and then I watched Mayo's Last Dancer."


Angry ranting from the Stress Fiend about clients who read the information we provide them and then act on it, trusting that the information is current and accurate when, in this case, it isn't. I concede that the clients should indeed know better than that, but blaming them for taking her at her word does seem a tad unreasonable.


La Mondaine sings along with her mobile phone's ringtone. And it's just a phone ringtone - not a song or piece of actual music that's been reused for the phone. Just a multi-note tone.

I should be grateful she doesn't use the Crazy Frog, I suppose.


Medical science is turned on its head by the revelation that chainsaws cause osteoarthritis. La Mondaine insists that she never suffered from it until she used a chainsaw. Why was she using a chainsaw? I'm not going to ask. Not even to find out how it was she managed to not cut her own head off in the process.

"It must have been the chainsaw. What else could it have been?"


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post.
It was fun to read.

Anonymous said...

well think of the heavy vibrations, and the slight but possible damage they could cause or trigger. It could have been the chain saw. I never thought that repeatedly stubbing a toe would end up with that toe hurting in an arthritic way years later. Doc confirmed that it is mildly arthritic.
Or it is just timing and coincidence.

On another topic, NZ is not your country, but in your area. If I was a religious nut I would say that there had to be a serious sinner down around there: there has been much nature punishment. But there are *so* many greater ones everywhere.
Stay dry, keep the earth from swallowing you up if you can.