07 February, 2011

Get off of my cloud.

It's every bit as bad as I feared: after searching the web and bewildering herself with terms like "infrastructure", "online applications" and "software as a service", La Mondaine struggles at length to reduce the Cloud to something she can understand.

Eventually she finds an answer that works: "Oh, I get it - it's when you use Facebook to back-up your photos!"

But then she immediately looks confused again: "But how will that help our department with what we're doing?"

Fortunately someone else in the office has brought in a baby to show off and La Mondaine, priding herself on being wonderful with children, forgets the mysteries of the Cloud and rushes off to torment the child.

Inane and patronising baby-talk drifts over the cubicle walls, followed a few seconds later by the screams of a terrified child.

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