06 February, 2009

Oh, get a room...

Conversation between Ted E. and the Invertebrate. With footnotes longer than the actual conversation in order to accomodate all the stupidity and hypocrisy hovering around it.

Ted E.: It must be so hard for you coming into this job when there's so much that needs tidied up and put in order after all these years of things not being done properly.*

The Invertebrate: Yes, yes ... it's been difficult, and I always seem to have so much work to do, and there's just so much to learn.**

Ted E.: But we're making a lot of progress now, though. So many things are finally starting to come together now.*** May I gently sponge your fevered brow, and feed you freshly-peeled grapes, my lord?^

* Bizarrely, these years of neglect are the same Golden Age Ted E. likes to reminisce about, when everything was a glowing model of smooth efficiency and simplicity and Ted E. never had to engage his two brain cells because he could always find someone else to pass the problem along to.
** Because, of course, no-one could have foreseen either of those things when taking up a middle-management position in an area you have no experience in whatsoever.
*** Which has nothing to do with the Invertebrate whatsoever, and everything to do with the efforts of a single team member that Ted E. has spent months resisting, and trying to bully and undermine whenever he's thought he could get away with it.
^ Okay, I might have made that bit up.

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