11 February, 2009


My team are gearing up to start a fight about something that looks to be mostly our fault... We recently had our website redesigned, and there are some issues with the template and structure we were obliged to use, and now it seems the help desk has been instructed to forward any client complaints about this directly to us.

So the Stress Fiend and The Invertebrate are already up in arms at us being held accountable for design decisions that weren't ours to make when I field another call complaining about the eccentric order we've listed stuff in.

I make the mistake of trying to investigate: is this something we can fix, as I suspect it is? Well, yes ... apparently it is. In fact the crazy sequence has been manually configured by the Stress Fiend according to criteria or her own devising ("I'll list things in the order that I think people will know it by, rather than consistently or by its published name").

But we're not going to fix this. Of course not.

No, instead we're going to blame this, too, on the design team and rant angrily and irrationally. We'll also blame the clients, because we were trying to think like them and how dare they not think we think the way we think they think (yes, the logic really is that convoluted).

The Invertebrate has also written a terse and self-righteous email, which he's now congratulating himself on (he likes flame wars with other team leaders, particularly ones he used to have to report to. I think he has some authority issues). And he's instructed the Stress Fiend not to waste any more time correcting the mistakes we were "forced" to make.

The fact I work in the same workspace as these people should in no way be taken to mean that I endorse their madness in any whatsoever.

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